Why buy a house?

Since the golden ages, wealth-building and capital creation have been the trend among people who have stable and reliable income sources. One of the most common and favorable options has always been the housing market.

“Over the last 25 years, the median house value in Australia rose by 412% or by the value of $459,900. Also after 2008, serviceability rates improved which helped the people of Australia to decrease the percentage of their income that would be dedicated to their mortgage repayments. Previously people used to dedicate 51% of their annual gross income to service a mortgage but in current times people only dedicate around 22.1% to 49.3% of their income depending on the city they live in.” (Core Logic 1-10)

There are plenty of advantages to a Home Owner rather than renting one, we have listed a few in order to make the picture clear

  • Rents are increasing significantly worldwide, which is making people have less and less disposable income every year. Budgeting cannot be easy when the fixed expenses such as rent an individual pay increases time and again. Having your own house with a Mortgage would solve the issue as it helps you in financial planning as the mortgage repayments do not change as much as rent.
  • With each mortgage payment you pay, the overall debt decreases on the house and it helps you build equity. Technically is a form of savings as the money is going to your own house. And once the loan is fully paid off the debt is zero and since the security price increased over the years. Your net worth will increase to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Everyone needs freedom in the house that they live in, some people want their bedroom a certain way or their living area. Making changes on rented property is not possible with regular naggings from the landlord and agents. You won’t feel at home until you manage your interiors a certain way, when a person buys their home first thing they do is decorate the house as per their will and wish. Which we believe is the utmost level of satisfaction. Being a First Home Buyer is always an exciting feeling to have.
  • As social beings, we must have a stable neighborhood that is safe and sound with racial harmony to thrive both personally as well as professionally. And, when we get to decide the location of the house and the society it helps us feel safe and comfortable knowing that the neighborhood we choose is safe. Also, since you own that property and won’t be leaving soon you can maintain a long-lasting relationship within the community.

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