Blog | By: activemortgage | On Dated: 03/11/2023

Mastering Home Finance with Mortgage and Loan Repayment Calculators

The world of mortgages and home loans can be both exciting and daunting. Finding your dream home is exhilarating, but the financial aspect of securing it requires careful planning. Fortunately, in this digital age, we have a valuable tool at our disposal – mortgage and loan repayment calculators. In this article, we will explore the […]

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Blog | By: activemortgage | On Dated: 05/10/2023

Reserve Bank Expected to Keep Rates Steady in October Despite Rising Inflation as More Households Prepare for Mortgage Clif

Are you among the hundreds of thousands of Australian homeowners preparing for the rising fixed-rate mortgage cliff? As inflation inches upward, the Reserve Bank’s recent decision may leave you wondering about your mortgage’s future. Let’s explore into the latest insights and strategies to help you prepare for potential changes.  For the latest updates on home […]

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Blog | By: activemortgage | On Dated: 21/09/2023

Attain Affordable Housing in Australia in 2023: Your Path to Homeownership

Housing affordability has become a pressing concern in Australia, as high property prices and rising interest rates have left many Australians struggling to enter the property market. In this blog, we will discuss the government initiatives aimed at improving housing affordability and provide you with strategies to reduce Monthly Repayments.This article is for you,if you’re […]

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Blog | By: activemortgage | On Dated: 31/08/2023

Help to Buy Scheme Launches in 2024 to Assist Aussies in Securing Their Homes

The scheme, called “Help to Buy”, will kick off in 2024, so long as the requisite legislation passes in each state and territory, which leaders agreed to do during the latest meeting of the national cabinet. With 40,000 places available, the program will see the government provide an equity contribution to eligible participants of up […]

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Blog | By: activemortgage | On Dated: 14/08/2023

Essential Factors to Consider When Taking a Home Loan

Buying a home is one of the most significant financial commitments for the average Aussie, with a mortgage often spanning 25 to 30 years and borrowing around $600,000. As a trusted mortgage and home loan broker company, we understand the importance of finding the best home loan option for each individual. Here are some essential […]

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Blog | By: activemortgage | On Dated: 14/07/2023

Benefits of Joint Property Ownership for Aussie Couples

Are you only dreaming of purchasing a property with your partner in 2023 and still staying in the dark about its benefits?  Almost all home buyers today, especially married couples, are opting for joint ownership of property. Joint ownership of a property is considered as a common way to enter the property market especially for […]

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How to get instant pre approval for a home loan

Blog | By: activemortgage | On Dated: 09/06/2023

How to get instant pre approval for a home loan?

Getting an instant pre-approval can be a thoughtful step to enhance the feasibility of obtaining your dream home in a tight housing market. An instant pre-approval can give you a better idea of how much you can afford and make the home buying process go more smoothly. If you’re looking for some financial assistance to […]

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Is it the right time to buy property in Sydney?

Blog | By: activemortgage | On Dated: 21/05/2023

Is it the right time to buy property in Sydney?

In the midst of Property market falling, a throng of buyers are keen to purchase but are waiting on the sidelines for hitting the bull’s-eye, signalling a trough and promising optimal timing for those opportunistic buyers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like this as we analyse the data from the past three decades. It’s quite clear […]

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Mortgage Broker in Australia

If you are in search of getting best quality along with highly- efficient services of Mortgage Brokers in Australia, then Active Mortgage and Finance can provide you with the most suitable and satisfactory services. Active Mortgage & Finance is dedicated to providing you the secure service of Home loans, Construction loans, Investment loans, commercial loans, […]

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