Tips for buying first mortgage house in Australia

Blog | By: activemortgage | On Dated: 11/12/2022

Features and types available for Aussies from the bank’s end!

Variable rate loan Standard variable rate, this package has additional features but includes maintenance costs and an annual fee of $395. Basic variable rate, this package has no features is cheaper than the standard, and has no minimum Annual fees Fixed-rate In this package, a certain rate is fixed or locked for some time that […]

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Transform Your Home into an Investment

Blog | By: activemortgage | On Dated: 22/11/2022

Transform Your Home into an Investment

If you decide to move cities for better opportunities and don’t want to sell off the house you are currently living in, it’s easy! You can change the purpose of your owner-occupied house into an investment property and start generating income from the same property.  Then you can buy a new house in your desired […]

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Owner Occupied Property in Australia

Blog | By: activemortgage | On Dated: 13/10/2022

Owner Occupied Property

Owner-occupied property implies property that is owned by an individual with or without a mortgage. Any house that an individual has bought and uses only for residential purposes is considered an Owner-Occupied property.  While applying for loans the rates and terms offered by the banks depend on the type and purpose of the property an […]

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Home Loan Process in Sydney

Blog | By: activemortgage | On Dated: 05/10/2022

Home Loan Process in Sydney

Mark! A resident of Blacktown, NSW has been working full-time as a civil engineer at a Sydney-based company. Since he has a fixed & reliable income he is thinking of investment opportunities. He wants to be an own House Owner in NSW and from our website, he finds out the genuine benefits of Buying a […]

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Blog | By: yadav | On Dated: 16/09/2022

Why buy a house?

Since the golden ages, wealth-building and capital creation have been the trend among people who have stable and reliable income sources. One of the most common and favorable options has always been the housing market. “Over the last 25 years, the median house value in Australia rose by 412% or by the value of $459,900. […]

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Mortgage Loan In sydney | By: activemortgage | On Dated: 19/05/2022

Financing a Car For The First Time: Key Things To Consider Before Applying a Car Loan

You desperately need to buy a car, but you lack the cash or the required down payment. No worries! If you can’t pay cash, you’re going to need an auto loan. If you’ve never financed a car, you may not be sure about the process. One approach is to go to a lender, pick out […]

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Tips for buying first mortgage house in Australia

Corporate Finance | By: activemortgage | On Dated: 02/05/2022

Tips for buying first mortgage house in Australia

You need to first know about who is mortgage broker and how it works? Buying a first mortgage house takes personal and financial initiation where a lot of people gets puzzled with their circumstances. It takes evaluation and motorisation to handle a home purchase. In the initial stage of purchasing your home, you must assure […]

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Home loan application checklist

Blog, Home Loan Checklist | By: activemortgage | On Dated: 02/05/2022

Checklist Of Documents Required For Home Loan?

Prior to the Home Loan Application. There are checklist of documents that are required be prepared and should be available on request during visit to the Mortgage Brokers. Following are the required documents to be provided. Personal Identification Australian Passport of all Applicants or Documents that show current Visa Status Driving License if available Current […]

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Home loan in sydney

Blog, Mortgage Loan In sydney | By: activemortgage | On Dated: 02/05/2022

How to Apply for Mortgage Home Loan In Sydney ?

How to Apply for Home Loan In Australia – Nepali mortgage agent In Sydney ? Are you facing difficulties in taking decision to buy your first dream home ? Then you have landed to the right article. This article explain and guide you what documents actually you need to do to get your Loan approved. […]

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